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Hi all, I will be taking an indefinite break from posting due to the events involving Rex and the chickens, as well as things that are happening in my personal life. All previous posts will remain on this site for you to enjoy! I hope to be back soon. Meanwhile, I’m wishing you and your … Continue reading Announcement

I put descriptions of animals into AI…

I put descriptions of animals into AI… …and this is what it gave me… Left: What AI generated Right: What I meant Well, to be honest, the descriptions are 100% accurate, but indecipherable to anyone who doesn’t own a pet! Personally, I think Artificial Intelligence makes a pretty good fantasy/sci-fi/every-thing-but-the-kitchen-sink artist, but it has a … Continue reading I put descriptions of animals into AI…

Dumbo Gato Ch 8 – CATS OF DE FUTURE

Mertie is back…and filming a movie! Credit to cookiecat123. Need to catch up? (each chapter is its own story!) Chapter 7: PORTUGAL! Chapter 8: Cats of de  Future      Cats of the Future!    A Great new movie Action-packed                   And filled with music!              Actors And Roles                                             Sheila-Fran                                      Dr. Dinkle-Mickey                                            Winkey-Lily                                             Louis-Emit                                             Jen-Pipkin                                          Mayhem-Georgie                                          Eclipse- Freddie                                              Theft- Joey … Continue reading Dumbo Gato Ch 8 – CATS OF DE FUTURE

I disappeared…

I had a lot going on in my personal life, and I sort of have disappeared for the last couple of weeks. My ghost has been running the blog. Just kidding…there were some scheduled posts waiting in the wings. The reason for my disappearance was that my family had to surrender Rex. Rex was such … Continue reading I disappeared…

20 Weird Facts About Cats

Cats are awesome! As cat lovers, we love their independence, their strange quirks, and adorable sweetness. Are you ready to learn 20 new things about cats? Cats will even sit in illusionary boxes. Cats can learn approximately 30 to 50 human words. The weird structures on a cat’s tongue are called papillae, and they’re made … Continue reading 20 Weird Facts About Cats